Here's something about Vivian ...

Vivian is an UX designer currently living her life in Shanghai, China.
She loves products that center around user experience. Good designs need to make sense first, and be fun.

Vivian is also a freelance designer whose work fall into multiple categories … visual design, motion graphic, video editing... She’s always on the look for a better way to connect what's on the screen, to what's on people's mind.

Spending almost a decade oversea, Vivian has passion in all things related to cultural diversity. Her current obsessions are "techo (手帳 )", good documentaries, and tea-scented everything - after all, inspiration could come from anywhere, at anytime.

There's still a lot to say about her experience, but ... well, you could find them in her resume (中文简历请点击这里).
Or, reach out and she'd love to chat !