Social Design - Google


Join M Booth's in-house creative team, I work as a freelance motion designer to create illustration and animated gifs for Google's social accounts.

作为动效设计师,加入M Booth公司的设计团队,为谷歌(包括旗下的品牌,谷歌教育等)设计并制作插画、动画,用于他们在社交平台上的宣传。

My Role:

  • Brainstorm concepts for design, and produce illustration or aniamted gifs
  • Work with other designers to animate storyboard
  • Create gifs that showcase user flows to better promote Google's product and/or new feature launch
  • Create welcoming animation for clients' visits to M Booth headquarter office in NYC

Some animated gifs that I created (in no particular order, these gifs are posted on Google for Education and other associated twitter accounts)... 

Some static designs...

And some UI stuff...